Note: This is a comic book

Author:  Rajeev Tamhankar 

Published:  2017 by TBS Planet Comics

No. of Pages:  28

Genre: Superhero Comic Book


Yug is set in the old age of Indian monarchy, the age of kings and queens, in the village of Bhavyanagar. He is introduced to the readers as a curious boy, trying to resolve the mystery of his biological parents abandoning him at birth. Yug is guided by Vidyanand, the village priest and grows into a strong man excelling at the literary and yogic arts.

A loyal devotee of Lord Shiva, Yug is attacked by nefarious Sakyasur while praying. His village is attacked and his Guruji killed. Transported safely to Devpur, the land of the Devtas, Yug is informed by the king about the wicked ruler responsible for wrecking fatal havoc on Bhavyanagar. Accorded the status of the chosen one without further details being divulged, Yug is trained in the Devpur army to hone his skills. Once ready, he is advised to gain Lord Indra’s blessings through a tedious and meticulous journey.

The story resembles a treasure hunt after Yug is successful in his quest and is advised by Lord Indra to get a hold of Deviastras to end Sakyasur’s reign. He visits land after land in search of the right tools, attempting to help desperate villagers in the process. This, in turn, leads him to the weapons necessary to stop Sakyasur.


The story is built on the idea that inherent goodness is well rewarded. That reward either lies in procuring the right kit or exacting revenge is a question that remains introspective.


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