Why Wilson Fisk is the best villain in the MCU ?

At the rate at which Marvel TV shows are getting dropped by Netflix, Daredevil seems to be the only one worthy enough to survive this storm. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering the stellar performances by Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Wolf, Elden Henson and the one and only Vincent D’Onofrio since the advent of the series in 2015. Being a big Hiddleston-er myself (ALL HAIL LOKI), the only way I was convinced to even watch this show was to verify a statement that my friend made about Fisk being the absolute best villain in the MCU ( Pfft! As if). What started out as a reluctant effort to discredit her claim, turned into a genuine obsession with the show which came as a shock to me considering how shitty I thought the movie was. One of the primary reasons for this apart from Charlie Cox’s dashing good looks, was Vincent D’Onofrio’s killer performance as Wilson Fisk. If I could express it in goosebumps level, it was a solid 100.


Here are 5 reasons why Wilson Fisk a.k.a Kingpin could possibly be the best of the MCU villains.


1. Wilson Fisk’s name evokes a sense of terror even before he appears on screen.

It is common in most films and TV shows that the villain is introduced first doing the biggest, baddest thing he could before the hero has his moment. Daredevil completely flips this on its head, with Fisk making his first appearance only in the third episode of season 1, after a build-up that feels like a millennia, leaving you with a pile of chewed up nails at the foot of your seat. And when he does enter, Fisk doesn’t disappoint. A towering bald man with a stoic face, Fisk doesn’t require even words to command the attention of every viewer. Just a blank stare and awkward fidgeting, reminds every character on screen and the millions watching who’s the boss.

2. A wholesome complete villain.

The first we see of Fisk is him awkwardly flirting with a beautiful art curator. Being such a relatable sequence, one cannot help forming some sort of emotional tie with him. As we peel back more of his layers through the series and watch him beat up his abusive father in his childhood to protect his mother, it gives him such a humane quality that we can’t help but sympathise with the character. The extent of this  sympathy is stretched to the limit by the director, when he almost taunts the audience through the rest of the season, sharply contrasting the Fisk that we first hear of, with an awkward anti-social man and then unveiling a cold hearted, murderous villain.

3. It’s Fisk and only Fisk.

We are almost conditioned to villains in movie screens with huge alien armies or gun wielding assassins behind them. But Fisk is almost above all this silliness. Although shrouded in mystery and hidden behind various men such as the Russians and Chinese, Wilson Fisk doesn’t need anyone, which should not be muddled up with getting his hands dirty. After nearly a season of Matt Murdoch taking punches to finally put Wilson Fisk behind bars, it only results in him manipulating the legal system to step out a free man, whilst at the same time getting Frank Castle a.k.a The Punisher to do all the dirty work. Its Fisk against the world and yet time and time again, Fisk emerges the winner !


4. Embraces becoming the Kingpin.

Marvel describes Wilson Fisk as a “signature blend of cruelty and charm”. Vincent D’Onofrio stays true to this, even as we see Fisk slowly transform from this socially awkward man to the thumb wielding “Kingpin” of the New York crime world. The most surprising part is the confidence that Kingpin has but the old Fisk lacked – something that is definitely needed for a signature style of white suits. This final and full culmination of the man results in him becoming more than just any crime lord. He truly becomes the Kingpin.

5. Conviction is the key.

What makes Fisk so dangerous and really sets him apart from any other villain in the MCU is his conviction that he is a “necessary evil” to cleanse the filth of Hell’s Kitchen. One can argue that Thanos’ conviction for a better universe is much larger and more emphasized than Kingpin’s but at the same time one must remember that  Kingpin is just a mere mortal with no armies or a bling-y arm band in his possession. The real catch is that both the Daredevil and Kingpin have the same vision – to protect their home “Hell’s Kitchen”, the only difference being the means to get there. Weirdly enough, the Kingpin’s ideology seems more feasible considering Matt Murdoch and his nun chucks don’t make much of a difference anyway. It forces one to reconsider the notions of good and evil.

Wilson Fisk was thrust into the spotlight in 2015 and has firmly retained the spot and the coveted title of “MCU’s best villain”. Considering Tom Hiddleston’s rugged handsomeness and British accent is Loki’s only argument as of now, I am forced to fold and admit that Wilson Fisk is the best villain in the MCU.


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