Note: This is a comic book

Author:  Rajeev Tamhankar 

Published:  2016 by TBS Planet Comics

No. of Pages:  28

Genre: Superhero Comic Book


Inspired by dramatic superhero tales, Ved builds on tempestuous foundations ultimately leading to the rise of a talented genius in the capital, Delhi. It is complemented by an intriguing twist, with the villain being defined by a regularly consulted family priest, layering the plot with prevalent Indian ideologies.

Ved is introduced with a rescue, where he successfully saves a damsel in distress who is cornered by a mugger in a dingy Delhi alley. He works with the Delhi police to achieve his mission of eradicating crime from India, using his skills as an expert crime fighter, illusionist, ventriloquist, and archer. The story delves deeper, providing background to how Ved came into being.

The storyline begins with Ved being orphaned at birth, similar to most superhero narratives. The tragedy follows from the masterwork of an evil priest, Kautilya. He happens to be a regular consultant of Vikram, Ved’s biological father. After concocting his ploy of kidnapping Vikram’s son at birth, Kautilya seeks to sacrifice him at eighteen years of age to gain Tantrik powers. However, his plan is impeded by Eklavya, one of Kautilya’s disciples, who swaps Ved with an unnamed child. Ved ultimately grows under the guidance of a magician who provides him with the skills that aid him in combating evil and ends up rescuing the innocent orphan held by Kautilya for close to two decades.


Set in modern India, Ved captures the essence of the need for an external saviour despite the presence of an advanced enforcement in place, as the answer to villainy atrocities. It may give the illusion of a cure to troubles originating from the dark side of humanity.

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