Note: This is a comic book

Author:  Rajeev Tamhankar 

Published:  2017 by TBS Planet Comics

No. of Pages:  28

Genre: Superhero Comic Book


Adding to the list of superhero sagas, Varun’s thematic concept is power derived from one of the elements, water. It begins with the story of Sagar who, unbeknownst to himself and others, succeeds in saving a toddler from drowning in a pool at a gathering in modern day Dwarka. As curious as he is to uncover the secrets behind his mind-boggling abilities, he consciously decides to leave it be and focuses on studying oceanography, a subtle indicator of the future knowledge backing Sagar’s powers.

He chooses to study in Mumbai, where he is surprised by his mother and encounters an attack soon after, which brings him face to face with a dangerous creature. Futile in solving the mystery of the attack, Sagar soon moves on and days pass before the next attack while out on a trip with his friends. It is this particular incident that aids him in the quest for self-discovery.

Sagar soon learns of his abilities to survive in water, all revealed by lady Uttara. He is informed of the crucial role he is to play in attaining the Shankhbank, an old instrument capable of inflicting great damage. The comic ends on a cliff-hanger, with a difficult battle to be dealt with by Sagar.


No specific symbolism used.

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