The Team

Fellows '18

Kunal Yadav

Besides graduating as an electrical and electronics engineer, Kunal's interest has always been in creative arts, specially painting. He acquired the basic corporate know-how while working as an hardware engineer for Qualcomm India Pvt.Ltd. , but wanted to do something offbeat and that's how he found his calling in painting. He thinks art can help us to get rid of our souls off of all the concrete mundane that is attached to our lives.

Shebonty Chanda

Shebonty is a graduate in social sciences, with a long-standing love for music, dance, writing and all ways of creative expression. She has a keen interest in understanding people, the stories that drive them, and the circumstances that affect their narratives. She believes that she spent the best parts of the last few years reading and analysing different formats of writings, and plans to use this experience to create and review content at Graphicshelf.

Shwetha Surendran

Armed with a Commerce degree and sarcasm, Shwetha’s love for art, dogs, and books is only overshadowed by that for pancakes and coffee. A perfectionist, with self-regulation as a strength, there is little in life that goes by that isn’t in her “Shwe Schedule”. Having dabbled in a variety of internships from journalism to business, she has unearthed a passion for people and stories and can be spotted, a mile away, chatting away to random strangers. Finding her true calling in the field of art, she aspires to delve into the intricacies of the field in the coming years.

Tirath Singh Puni

Tirath, a November born lad is part engineer part confused. He was lost in stories since childhood and was fascinated with a life called ‘Cartoon Network'. The constant need to make things funny turned him into a caricature artist. Having trouble with reading anything which didn’t have any illustrations, he found his refuge in graphic novels which put the gears in motion and led him to The Team. He is a hard core science fiction geek, loves to collect Hotwheels and hopes to be a light sabre wielding Jedi Master.

Urbi Chatterjee

Urbi Chatterjee is defined by her love for words and stories. A history graduate from Jadavpur University, she is fascinated by all things old. She has a lot of diverse interests, ranging from DIY crafting to culinary experimentation. She has worked as a part time creative writing teacher to high school students in The Future Foundation School in Kolkata. She runs her own personal blog and has recently started freelancing as a literary reviewer. An inveterate bookworm and a die-hard dog person, she is on the lookout for that perfect career niche where she can be her creatively chaotic self.


Abhishek Verma

An award-winning animator, Abhishek is widely known for his critically acclaimed 2-D animation film-Macher Jhol. He holds a postgraduate degree in design and animation from IDC, IIT Bombay and loves exploring new visual styles to tell his stories.
He heads design, art research and networking at Graphicshelf.

Akhil Tom Prakash

An Economics graduate with versatility as his sheer strength, Akhil is experimental in his approach and a crazily fast learner.
He has published a few research papers and is also a quiz-master but found his true calling in design, animation, and visual storytelling.
Akhil heads collateral design, UX design and data management at Graphicshelf.

Muhammed Shafeeq

Commerce graduate and an experienced incubation manager, Shafeeq is equipped with a diverse skill-set and enjoys reading and writing. With his experience in managing start-ups, he helps giving GraphicShelf a head-start. Passionate about movies, music, and sports, Shafeeq heads marketing and marketing research at Graphicshelf.

Tabish Ahmed

Physics graduate and an award-winning poet, Tabish is enamored of quantum mechanics, Franz Kafka, Nikola Tesla and Rumi.
His scientific acumen coupled with his artistic abilities and an ever-lasting lust for knowledge add significantly to the team.
Tabish heads content management and website development at Graphicshelf.


Mr. Rajeev Tamhankar

Rajeev Tamhankar is 2012 IIT Roorkee Silver Medalist, 2011 Limca World Record Holder, ex-Flipkart, Xiaomi and currently the founder of TBS Planet Comics. He also writes the column "The Startup Guide" for New Indian Express and has authored book Get Corporated before you get fired!

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