An informative session with animator Upamanyu Bhattacharyya


As a part of our “Conversations” series, we got an opportunity to interact with animator Upamanyu Bhattacharya.

A young and scintillating talent, Upamanyu talks about how he visualizes a comic strip before bringing it out on paper and goes on to discuss his inspirations and design journey.

Designed as an informative series, our “Conversations” series helps young designers find their source(s) of inspiration.

About Upamanyu 

Upamanyu is an animation filmmaker, currently working with the Ghost Animation Collective in Kolkata, India. He mainly works on short films, including the upcoming climate change-themed ‘Wade’, and also works on pre-production and character animation for a variety of projects.

About “Conversations” series

We live in an age where visual-storytelling is not only breathtakingly beautiful to see but also has commercial success associated with it. From animation, comics, graphic novels, to advertisement, branding, and education, design has become an indispensable part of an effective act of communication.

But how does one reach there? Before the glittery heavy paycheques and awe-inspiring products, one must go through years of intense training but even then, where to start? It is always helpful if one gets to speak with some of the best in the industry to know how one can design their own trajectory to learn design. Given the fact most of them are sipping their respective oceans of coffee while piling up paper-mountains of sketches and drafts in some cluttered studio somewhere in a big city, it is hard to catch hold of them.

That is why designed an informative series with the best designers and illustrators from India, to make this act of “reaching out for advice” more accessible.


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