Feedback Community


Contribute to the India's first comprehensive database of graphic-based content and become part of a stellar network of mentors, authors, illustrators, and publishers.

Vivek Kumar Lohia

A history graduate with multi-tasking and networking as his forte, Vivek gives GraphicShelf direction and love, when we require it the most
He currently heads the feedback community at Graphicshelf.

Subhechha Chatterjee

A Student of Microbiology and currently a Young India Fellow, who’s is extremely passionate about writing, baking, Kathak and Public Health.
Subhechha contributes to research and writing at Graphicshelf.

Abhishek Lamba

Ingredients: 5 kilometres of Chai, 3 litres of literature, 12 megawatts of rhymes, and 7 irrational numbers worth of Lambaness.
An extremely skilled writer, and a whole 6 feet of an awesome human being,
He contributes to research and writing at Graphicshelf.

Gokul S Prabhu

Whatever happened, happened for good. Whatever happens, happens for good. Whatever will happen, will happen for good. With passion for poetry and writing, he contributes to research and college networking at Graphicshelf.

Neethi Sarah John

An idealist at heart, Neethi believes that she will change the world one day. Until then, she is contributing to research and writing at GraphicShelf.

Navya Sara Monson

A jumbled mix of codes and words. Lover of the road and the night. Pursuer of paper and color.
Navya contributes to research and feedback at Graphicshelf.

Debayan Ghosh

An aspiring UN worker, Debayan advocates the value of empathy in problem solving.
Debayan contributes to research and is GraphicShelf's friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

Mahoor Miftah Shaw

An intrupid and restless Kashmiri spirit that yearns for challenges. Call me a sponge, if you will, my spirit is fed by novelty, faith and perseverance. Mahoor contributes to research

Yogini Oke

Yogini is a law school graduate in the pursuit of understanding the fierce complexity of the cosmos. She loves to write and contributes to the same in GraphicShelf

Saloni Taneja

An Econ major, Saloni is currently pretending to complete Masters in Economics. Apart from worrying about animal welfare, she enjoys cooking, reading and writing.
She contributes to writing.