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Marvel just dropped Captain Marvel’s new trailer and it’s gotten the world looking forward to a spectacle in March. Set in the 90’s, the movie boasts of a star studded cast featuring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers a.k.a Captain Marvel, Jude Law as Mar-Vell, Samuel L.Jackson reprising his role as Nick Fury and my personal favourite and one of the incentives to watch the movie, Phil Coulson making an appearance. Apart from being Marvel’s movie to watch out for in 2019, Captain Marvel carries with it the weight of being the first female character to get her own Marvel Cinematic Universe. But before you meet her, the real question is, Who is Carol Danvers ?

Back in 2012, comic writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and illustrator Dexter Soy conceived the very first Captain Marvel #1, a comic that sold out almost immediately. This came as a big surprise to almost everybody considering Carol Danvers was a character that nobody quite paid any attention to, both inside and outside the world of Marvel. Overtly made to tap into the feminist movements of the time in 1970’s, Carol Danvers was born. A movie announcement soon followed by Marvel in 2014. Carol Danvers first appeared in the Captain Marvel comics as an accomplice to the Original Captain Marvel / Mar-Vell and frankly, nothing special about her is worth noting.

She wasn’t the usual girlfriend, or the daughter; she was no one really. But upon his death, when she takes over the mantle, things changed. These comics tapped into another part of the population that no other comic had quite managed to do – the women. The response was phenomenal. Carol’s constant need to prove herself made her relatable to almost everyone. This was supplemented by the comic’s motto is 2012 – Higher, Further, Faster and more. In an interview with the website Polygon, DeConnick said, “Carol falls down all the time, but she always gets back up — we say that about Captain America as well, but Captain America gets back up because it’s the right thing to do. Carol gets back up because ‘Fuck you’—” I think that quality in her attracts people who are the same; who are always kind of trying to get back up and do better, and who have something to prove.”

From the trailer, one can note that Marvel has kept most of the original structure intact such as shape-shifting Skrulls and the Kree but have taken their liberties with changes to Carol’s origin story. Accompanied by a young Nick Fury, very much with two eyes, Carol seems to arrive on earth after a Skrull Invasion but despite the Skrulls being the obvious villains, Jude Law’s Mar-Vell doesn’t give me the best of vibes. My gut is definitely leaning towards him being the “real antagonist”. That’s not my only question. How does this fit into the MCU after the Avengers – Infinity War ? Will the movie give rise to a new villain to follow in Thanos’ footsteps, maybe one who is less fonder of fancy jewellery ? Can it actually carry the weight of being the first female title character ?

The people behind the scenes are confident, the cast seems to be solid, the audience is hooked.

Tying the comic to a modern feminist narrative worked in favour of Marvel in the comics world and they appear to be attempting to do the same with the movie as well. Landing in the middle of times that haven’t been exactly great for women or anyone really, God knows we need a Carol Danvers !



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