Note: This is a comic book Buy Online Amazon Flipkart Author:  Rajeev Tamhankar Published:  2016 by TBS Planet Comics No. of Pages:  28 Genre: Superhero Comic Book Plot Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline: Inspired by dramatic superhero tales, Ved builds on tempestuous foundations ultimately leading to the rise of a talented genius in the capital, Delhi. It is … Read moreVED


Read Online Click here  Author: Bobby Crossby Illustrator: Sarah Ellerton Published: 2009 on Keenspot No. of Pages:  70 Genre: Historical romance; Paranormal romance drama; Subthemes: World War II; Attack on the Pearl Harbour  Timeline: 1923-1941 Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline: Dreamless is a hauntingly beautiful tale of a paranormal romance between an American girl … Read moreDreamless


Buy Online Amazon Flipkart  Author: Devapriya Roy Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan Published: 2018 by Context No. of Pages: 144 Genre: Biography Subthemes: 1975- Emergency in India; Indian Independence Timeline: 1917-1984; A parallel story runs in 2016-2017 Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline: A crisply written tale woven around a young sixth-standard student-Indira Thapa-interspersed with breathtakingly beautiful art by artist … Read moreIndira

What Led Rohith Vemula to Take his Own Life?

Access now Click to access  Author: Vishnu Gopinath, Susnata Paul Illustrator: Susnata Paul Genre:  Biography Subthemes: Rohit Vermula’s suicide Timeline: 2015-2016 Plot Analysis Plot Analysis Across India, 26,500 students committed suicide between 2014-2016. Susnata Paul’s graphic novel tells the story of one such student, a Dalit PhD scholar Rohith Vemula. In January 2016, he was found … Read moreWhat Led Rohith Vemula to Take his Own Life?

Raj Comics for the Hard-Headed

The book can be accessed on the Sarai Project website link below Download Link  Author: Amitabh Kumar  Illustrator: Amitabh Kumar  Published: 2008 by Sarai Programme No. of Pages:  27 Genre:  Superhero Timeline: Fictional Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline: Raj Comics for the Hard Headed is a graphic novel which gives us a peek into the world … Read moreRaj Comics for the Hard-Headed

Amar Bari, Tomar Bari NAXALBARI

Buy Online Amazon Flipkart  Author: Sumit Kumar Illustrator: Sumit Kumar Published: 2015 by Horizon Books No. of Pages: 160 Genre: History Subthemes: Origins of Naxalism in India; Naxalbari uprising Timeline: 1903-2013 Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline: A satirical and an unequivocal take on Naxalism in India, the graphic novel traces the origin of Naxalism without any “left”, … Read moreAmar Bari, Tomar Bari NAXALBARI