WTF is Happening to Doctor Strange in the final Avengers Infinity War trailer?

Let’s admit it- Avengers Infinity War is just like a month away and most of us (well, all of us) can’t deal with the hype engine that’s eating all of us up. To make matters worse, Marvel delivered a brilliantly cut trailer. And with more suspense than the DCEU in last five years. Also, both the trailers at least reveal one character which will surely die in Avengers Infinity War– DCEU.

Apart from the brilliant editing, screaming superheroes are the new highlight of the trailer. More so, Thor and Doctor Strange are no ordinary superheroes, implying Avengers Infinity War will have some crazy battle scenes. If Thor’s scream looks like his response to a genocide of the Asgardians by The Black Order, Doctor’s Strange’s scream is both visually chilling and could be important. Especially with regards to the plot.

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Doctor Strange’s face is punctured by shards reminiscent of the ones used by Kaecilius from Doctor Strange (2016). From the depiction, it does look like the shards are powered by something from the Dark Dimension. But more importantly, WTF is really happening here? Well, here are the possibilities:


Interrogation by Ebony Maw

A strategic member of The Black Order or The Children of Thanos, Ebony Maw has the power to mentally manipulate others. And maybe in this scene, he could just be doing that. But!!

Doctor Strange is no ordinary superhero. We must remember he has the Time Gem or The Eye of Agamotto, which makes him an important target for Thanos. Additionally, Ebony Maw can extract deep secrets from anyone he manipulates. This scene could also show Maw extracting information about the whereabouts of other infinity stones.

The Double Agent Twist

The scene is highly reminiscent of the one from Marvel’s 2013 New Avengers #9 (part of the Infinity event). This could simply mean that it follows the same or a storyline inspired by that scene.

Avengers Infinity War
New Avengers #9 Doctor Stranger -Ebony Maw Scene


Dr. Strange functions as a double agent in Avengers Infinity War. Either releasing the monster Shuma Gorath, or leaking all the strategies used by the Avengers to defeat Thanos. This doesn’t mean that he necessarily becomes a traitor. He could do so without being aware of the same, given that was the arc used in the comic-book storyline.

Whatever the case may be, it feels like Marvel is the real Ebony Maw here! Manipulating all of us into a mental torture till Avengers Infinity War finally releases worldwide on April 27.



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