Lodhi Art District: Exploring Street Art in Delhi

On a sullen November morning, we decided to meander through the streets of Delhi to explore India’s first public art district- The Lodhi Art District. Located between Khanna Market and Mehar Chand Market, the district displays museum grade art through murals. Reaching there was simple, we got down at the gate no. 1 of Jorbagh … Read moreLodhi Art District: Exploring Street Art in Delhi


Buy Online Amazon Flipkart  Author: Appupen Illustrator: Appupen Published: 2009 by BLAFT Publications No. of Pages: 268 Genre: Fiction, Fantasy  Subthemes: Dystopia Timeline: Fictional Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline: Moonward narrates the story of Halahala, a primordial landscape full of absurd creatures—a huge tortoise, giant robotic birds, weeping trees and cities grown from seeds. Full of dystopian … Read moreMoonward

Conversations with Ramya Ramakrishnan

Ramya is an independent designer, comic-maker and illustrator who likes to drink coffee and over-think. She collaborates with various folks making illustrations and comics, and build apps and websites. A graduate of Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art and National Institute of Design, she tries to explore different forms of visual expression, and finds it … Read moreConversations with Ramya Ramakrishnan

The Curious Case of Lord Dinkan

“A fighter to the opponent, Strongest of the strong” – This maxim illuminates the eminence of ‘Lord Dinkan’ conforming to the believers of a new sect of religion called ‘Dinkoism’. Dinkan, a mighty superhero mouse which first appeared in a Malayalam Children’s weekly ‘Balamangalam’ in 1983, featuring a yellow suit, a red brief and a … Read moreThe Curious Case of Lord Dinkan

The History of Indian Graphic Novels

Pre-modern History of Graphic Novels can be which traced back to the pr-modern era. The idea of presenting thoughts, emotions and moments of daily life through art, the most universally understandable medium has been accepted by the human communities since the formation of the human species.  Parietal art drawn on the cave walls or on … Read moreThe History of Indian Graphic Novels