Three online courses that help you write a comic book!


If there’s anything in the world that has grown more than Donald Trump’s ignorance in the last seventy years, it is perhaps the comic book industry! (of course, that was a hyperbole, how is Donald’s ignorance even comparable!)

Valued at around 800 million dollars in the US, the comic book industry is far from a moribund state and has provided the biggest and most profitable movie franchise of all time- THE MCU also known as The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which according to some estimates has raked in around 12 billion dollars globally.

Given the popularity of lesser-known heroes from the past (like The Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man) and the extremely intelligent marketing techniques used by the studious like- 21st Century Fox for Deadpool 1 and 2- the industry has seen a further boost in sales. In addition to that, popular streaming services like NETFLIX have already started publishing comics after making shows on the popular ones.

However, India is yet to see a resurgence of the comic book industry but that also means the potential market is largely untapped. Now that gives all those of you interested in this form of sequential art, a big opportunity for writing comic books and graphic novels

So without further digression, here are three cool online courses which will help you write some awesome comic books

1. The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture


Free: Yes ( additional 50$ fee for a verification certificate)

Designed as a course to educate people about the origin of superheroes and their history, this course is a masterclass on ideation for a comic book story. Taught by the legend, Stan Lee, this course is free to try and therefore should definitely be on your list.

2. How to Make a Comic Book (Project-Centered Course)


Free: No 

Targeted as a project-based course. The course helps learners a design a 4-page mini-comic on a short story of their choice by the end of the course. It is taught by leading MOOC instructors like Patrick. E. Yurick and Christopher O’Keeffe

3. Start Making Comics with Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint


Free: Yes 

Designed and structure for absolute beginners, the course is as savage as its instructor and well, quite literally! It is taught by Adam Savage and is a treat for anyone and everyone who wants to write a comic book.


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