River of Stories

NoteThe Graphic Novel can only be accessed through popular resources like SCRIBD on the internet. It has been out of print for long  Author: Orijit Sen Illustrator: Orijit Sen Published: 1994 by Kalpavriksh No. of Pages: 63 Genre: Social-awareness    Subthemes: Narmada Bachao Andolan; Ecological damage caused by dams Timeline: Early 1990’s Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot … Read moreRiver of Stories

Conversations with Anirban Ghosh

We live in an age where visual-storytelling is not only breathtakingly beautiful to see but also has commercial success associated with it. From animation, comics, graphic novels, to advertisement, branding, and education, design has become an indispensable part of an effective act of communication. But how does one reach there? Before the glittery heavy paycheques … Read moreConversations with Anirban Ghosh


Buy Online Amazon Flipkart  Author: Appupen Illustrator: Appupen Published: 2014 by HarperCollins No. of Pages: 168 Genre: Dystopian Fiction Subthemes: Menace of dreams and aspirations; chaotic effects of consumerism and capitalism Timeline: Fictional Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline: Exploring the primordial landscape of Halahala, replete with absurd creatures and mercurial circumstances, Aspyrus is a tale of the … Read moreAspyrus

Drawing The Line

Buy Online Amazon Flipkart  Author: Various Illustrator: Various Published: 2015 by Zubaan Publishers No. of Pages: 162 pages Genre: Autobiography (with part fiction in the form of an anthology)  Subthemes: Feminism, Gender discrimination, Everyday experiences Timeline: 21st Century Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline: Illustrated mostly in a comical style, Drawing the Line: Indian Women Fight Back … Read moreDrawing The Line


The book can be accessed on the Sarai Project website link below Download link  Author: Bhagwati Prasad Illustrator: Amitabh Kumar Published: 2009 by The Sarai Programme No. of Pages: 92 Genre: Social awareness Subthemes: Water conservation Timeline: Mid-1980’s  Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline The graphic novel, Tinker. Solder. Tap, by Bhagwati Prasad and Amitabh Kumar is a … Read moreTinker.Solder.Tap

Sita: Daughter of the Earth

Buy Online Amazon Flipkart  Author: Saraswati Nagpal Illustrator: Manikandan Published: 2011 by Kalyani Navyug Media (Campfire) No. of Pages: 96 pages  Genre: Mythology Subthemes: Ramayana as told by Sita  Timeline: Same as the original Ramayana Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline: Glimmering with colorful artwork and graphics, Sita: Daughter of the Earth, tells the tale of Ramayana as … Read moreSita: Daughter of the Earth