The History of Indian Graphic Novels

Pre-modern History of Graphic Novels can be which traced back to the pr-modern era. The idea of presenting thoughts, emotions and moments of daily life through art, the most universally understandable medium has been accepted by the human communities since the formation of the human species.  Parietal art drawn on the cave walls or on … Read moreThe History of Indian Graphic Novels

Hyderabad: A Graphic Novel

Buy Online Amazon  Author: Jai Undurti Illustrator: ‎ Harsho Mohan Chattoraj Published: 2014 by Syenagiri No. of Pages: 88 Genre: History Subthemes: Historical biography of the city through time-travel Timeline: Fictional Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline: Hyderabad: A Graphic novel is the first outcome of a unique and ambitious city centric story telling initiative namely “Every City is a … Read moreHyderabad: A Graphic Novel

The Water Cookbook

The book can be accessed on the Sarai Project website link below Download link  Author: Bhagwati Prasad  Illustrator: Bhagwati Prasad  Published: 2011 by The Sarai Programme, CSDS  No. of Pages: 84 Genre: Social Awareness  Subthemes: Water Conservation Timeline: A specific timeline is not alluded to, but the story bears similarities to the 21st century where water scarcity is rampant, and yet … Read moreThe Water Cookbook

The Harappa Files

Buy Online Amazon Flipkart  Author: Sarnath Banerjee Illustrator: Sarnath Banerjee Published: February 2011 by Harper Collins No. of Pages: 216 Genre: Satire  Subthemes: Political Satire  Timeline: Fictional Plot Analysis Art Analysis Plot Analysis Storyline The Harrapa files is not only an excellent set of graphic commentaries on an India in transition, it is Indian art at its most triumphant. … Read moreThe Harappa Files

Legends of Halahala

Buy Online Amazon Flipkart  Author: Appupen Illustrator: Appupen Published: 2013 by HarperCollins No. of Pages: 148 Genre: Fantasy  Subthemes: Dystopian Fantasy Timeline: Fictional ART REVIEW Plot Review ARTWORK AND REPRESENTATION Storyline An undue war caused by a naive lover-boy. A blind superheroine monster beater. An unlikely beastly love triangle with a controllable dragon. A sewer man desperate to leave a … Read moreLegends of Halahala